If you get layer shifts, it is very likely it´s a problem with the mechanics of the machine.

However, before we go over the mechaincs of the machine another cause of the problem can be over extruding or shrinking causing part of the geometry to lift and catch the nozzle while it´s moving past and then the motor skipps steps and causing a movement in the X &/or Y direction.

As far as mechanics goes, there are some areas you can look at to try to identify the problem and, at best, even solve it.

  • Switch off the machine first.
  • Move the extruder on its gantry to see if it can move freely, or if it's something that prevents free movement along the axles. If there is something that prevents free movement, try to find and remove it and try again.
  • If the movement along the shoulders still goes sluggish, maybe it's time to lubricate them.
  • Look over all the belts, are they tight enough? They should not leave room for movement but they should not be too tense.
  • Go through the screws that lock the "pulleys" on their shoulders, they may begin to slip, which may result in shifts in the bearing along the shoulder.
  • Tighten Timing Belt Pulley

Some printers have a design in which the stepper motor driving the X-axis travels back and forth along the Y-axis. This means that a cable break can occur in the cable, resulting in irregular layer changes in the X-axis. Sometimes this may happen occasionally or even as soon as the machine makes a movement in the X-joint. If it happens more sporadically, try to start a printout and touch the cable to provoke the error. We have replacement cables in our webshop

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